Smart Lighting Installation Services

Replace your home’s standard light switches with smart keypads to benefit from their attractive, customizable user interfaces and experience the convenience of home automation. Now you can know at a glance if the lights are on, the door is locked, or the garage is open because of the LED lighted indicators and unique engraving on each button.

Incorporating smart lighting into your existing security setup is a great idea. Like the Mockupancy™ feature from Control4 allows you to program your shades and lights to turn on and off at random intervals, making it appear as though someone is home while you’re not. If an alarm goes off, it can cause all of the lights in the house and yard to flash rapidly, drawing attention to the fact that something is wrong and possibly attracting the attention of the authorities.

Light up your deck and highlight any water features in your backyard with smart lighting that turns on and off automatically as the sun rises and sets. The curb appeal of your home and the prominence of your external architecture can both be increased by strategically placing outdoor lights in the front yard.

Wireless light switches, dimmers, and keypads are the perfect control interface for rooms where running cables would be inconvenient or impossible. When doing renovations, wireless lighting is generally preferred because it is easier to install than wiring.

Lighting wires are connected to a central place, such as a utility closet, in new construction or remodeled homes, replacing banks of switches (“wall acne”) with attractive and elegant keypads for controlling individual or groups of light fixtures.

Expand the smart capabilities of your home’s lights with intelligent lighting. Bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages, and closets, which don’t get as much use as other rooms in the house, are ideal candidates for these cost-effective solutions. For a unified lighting scheme across the home, they are highly adaptable.

A fully functional smart house is not a do-it-yourself job in the same way that wiring, plumbing, and HVAC systems are. The more “smart” devices you add to your house, the more complicated things will get because they can’t communicate with one another. It’s important to find a professional installer if you want your smart home system to work together without any hiccups. The experts at Savage Concepts are authorized dealers and installers of automated smart home systems. You can trust that your system has been professionally developed, runs on a reliable network, and provides custom experiences that are tailored to your lifestyle thanks to the assistance of our experts.

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