A strong network backbone is important to unfailing media streaming, internet access and control over wireless lighting and motorized shades. you don’t want to invest in modern home automation devices only to find the connectivity failing in large homes or due to walls and other barriers.

Homeowners rely more and more on surveillance cameras and NVRs (network video recorders) to bolster the security of their homes and businesses. SAVAGE CONCEPTS makes it easy to check in on home from anywhere in the world right from your smartphone. View live security camera footage straight from your mobile device while remotely connecting and commanding your home, from virtually anywhere.

This may be reaching a little too far back, but back in the early days of the Internet and networking, residential networking products were much different than commercial products.

More recently, the lines between residential and commercial network gear have blurred due to the public’s ever-increasingly appetite to stay connected.

Helping to blur those lines between markets are manufacturers like Araknis, who at one time developed products for the commercial market, but now targets both the residential custom installation market and traditional commercial markets with its line of routers, access points, switches and other connectivity solutions.

Araknis network extension products can be used in residential and commercial environments to increase the footprint and throughput of wireless networks to allow everything from computers and smart devices to printers and other devices to reliably reside on a network of varying sizes.

SAVAGE CONCEPTS is committed to installing the best hardware to eliminating downtime on your network and home automation products.